4 practical ideas about boosting the sales of your canteen goodies

The Australian Schools Canteen Association found that around 63% of all canteens nationwide experience a decline in profit since the introduction of healthy food guidelines. This is not surprising since kids prefer tasty goodies than healthy food options for snacks. And because of the benefits of healthy food guidelines to kids, you can’t expect it to go away anytime soon. That’s why you should find the best tips for promoting your canteen, besides getting the help of quality food services today.

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Boost sales with these practical tips:

1. Sell healthy but irresistible snacks

First, the Australian government mandates for all canteens to sell healthy food items. But kids love tasty treats for their snacks or meals. To strike the balance, serve nutritious products that kids would love to buy.

Find the best Pavlova slab recipe, for example, or order in bulks from a reputable manufacturer of baked goods. Be sure to come up with goodies that can pass the healthy food guidelines. Moreover, have some kids taste the item to make sure they love it.

2. Maximize the presentation of your food items

Display food items properly to attract the attention of kids. Begin by arranging the food according to classifications, such as putting pies, cupcakes and banana bread in one area. Be sure they look clean and neat as well, so they will appear tastier for kids. This is easier if you’ll order from a reputable bakery product food service since they package their goodies fabulously.

Moreover, remember that the menu can also help attract customers. Since kids are your target audience, put some kiddie designs on it. Use clear and uniform fonts throughout the list of items to make it readable for kids too.

3. Improve your surroundings

It’s easy for a school canteen to become messy. Thus, be sure to clean it round-the-clock. It’s also a good idea to do some renovations or rearrangements to make the space more functional. And that’s great to improve the efficiency of your service as well. Food services with neatly packaged products are also available, which makes this task easier since such products won’t cause too much mess on display.

Also, add railings on the customer lane area, for example, so the kids would be encouraged to fall in line. Give some tweaks on the display counter to make it easier to get food upon order as well.

4. Engage more with the student community

One of the best ways to sell out your products is to make your canteen relevant to students. Of course, let customers feel they are relevant for the canteen as well. To make it possible, for example, organize contests which involve the kids. Also, it would be helpful to let the parents become aware that you’re selling organic food services and product.

Other ideas includes coming up with a canteen logo designing contest, or contests in giving names to your food items. Communicate with the school newsletter organization to announce your canteen events as well.

The key is, revise your selling approach and make it attractive for kids. Be sure to keep the efficiency and convenience you deliver as well. Moreover, always serve the best healthy and tasty food items kids would enjoy.

To help you on such goal, connect with Country Chef today. They offer mouth-watering baked goodies, such as Pavlovas and banana bread, without compromising the kids’ health. They do this through their quality and convenience food service, which does wonders for businesses like yours.

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