Basic Information About Workplace Drug Testing

It is the duty of every employer to ensure that they are providing a safe and secure workplace for their employees. Because of this principle, employees are required to take the workplace drug testing procedure during the pre-employment process and during their tenure in the company, either randomly or targeted.

Central Coast is one of the regions in New South Wales which makes drug testing a physical investment for their employees and companies, making the process a part of every fiscal year. If you want to hire a trusted company which can conduct workplace drug testing in Central Coast, visit Hayden Australia.

Reasons why employers do drug testing

One of the reasons why employers require employees to go under the drug testing process is primarily because of the safety and security hazards that drugs (both illicit and an overdose of prescription ones) inflict towards employees and the company.

Other reasons include:

Prevention of hiring drug abusers during the hiring process
Discouraging everyone from abusing both alcohol and drugs
Early identification and prevention of drug-induced issues in the workplace
Providing the general population safety against drug-related hazards in the workplace

Common methods used for workplace drug testing:

The following are the common testing methods used by workplace drug testing Central Coast and some of the Australian providers.

Urine drug testing

A urine test is the most common less invasive method to get a sample specimen. However, it can’t be used as proof to tell if someone is under the influence of the drug at the time the urine is taken and the test is conducted.

This is mainly because of the fact that only the drug metabolites are found in the urine. These metabolites are the drug residues left in the body for quite some time after the effects of the drug have worn out.

Saliva drug testing

Saliva is collected from the mouth to detect traces of drugs. A swab is used to collect oral fluids inside the cheek. However, the use of saliva on drug testing will only determine current use of drugs and not past uses.

Blood testing

Blood testing is the most expensive and somehow most invasive method of specimen collection. However, this is the most accurate form of testing as this can detect the actual amount of drugs in the body including the metabolites. Click here Hayden Australia for more details.

Sweat testing

Sweat testing or the perspiration drug testing method is one of the latest drug testing methods used today. This method is done by placing a sweat patch on the skin of the examinee for a period of 14 days. However, this method, most of the time, applies only to people on probation or those involved in childcare.

Hair follicle testing

It is believed that drug metabolites can enter the hair follicle as these travel through the blood vessels. This premise makes hair drug testing considered a drug test method. However, unlike saliva testing, hair testing can’t detect current drug use. But it can detect past uses at least one month prior to testing.

Above are just some chunks of information about drug testing one might be curious about. As a tip, if you want to get checked and tested, find workplace drug testing central coast providers who can give accurate results without invading your privacy. For more details, visit at

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